Subs and Payments

Scouting subs are £35 per term (old term eg what is now terms 1 and 2), which equates to £105 per year or £3 per week – based on 36 weeks. They are paid for a whole term even if a child misses a week or decides to leave during part of the term.

We can claim Gift Aid on the subs that you pay. Please download, complete the Gift Aid declaration and hand it in to your leader.

The subs that you pay each week fund several things:

  • Activities / Badges / Neckerchiefs: Our leaders organise activities for your children to do on a weekly basis.  These activities often count towards activity and challenge badges. The subs you pay fund these activities and the badges that are earned. Additional, larger activities like camps are paid for separately.
  • Capitation costs: Each year the Scout Association takes a census (or count) on 31st January for all child members of our group. The “capitation” due is paid for each child in the Group at that time, regardless of how often that child attends. This cost is about £49 per child and is paid to the District, so we do not directly benefit from this money.
  • HQ costs: We are very lucky to have our own headquarters and wonderful grounds in the centre of Stroud. But that does come at a cost. It currently costs us about £7,000 to run the building (heating, lighting, cleaning, servicing, and insurances). We try to offset most of that cost by hiring the building out to organisations and individuals when the scouting groups are not using it

Making a payment

Online Scout Manager (OSM)

You can log in to OSM and pay.

Bank transfer

We accept bank transfer payments for Cubs and Scouts, please use the correct bank details below.

For Cubs
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Account name: Stroud Valley Cub Scouts
Account number: 00351783
Sort code: 30-98-29

For Beavers and Scouts
Bank: Lloyds Bank
Account name: Stroud Valley Scout Group
Account number: 00472254
Sort code: 30-98-29

By cheque

Any cheques for subs or events should be made payable to the correct section:

Beavers – make payable to Stroud Valley Scout Group
Cubs – make payable to Stroud Valley Cub Scouts
Scouts – make payable to Stroud Valley Scout Group

In cash

We are happy to accept payment in cash, but please put it in an envelope clearly marked with the name of your child, what the payment is for, and how much is enclosed.

If you have any queries about payments, please email the Group Treasurer


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