New Build

Plans for a new scouting and community centre

New Build

Over the last couple of years, Stroud Valley Scouting Group Committee has been looking at the future of the group and in particular the building currently occupying our site in Chapel Lane.

The existing building is a prefabricated concrete and asbestos structure and has served its users well, but as with all these building types they become more difficult and more expensive to maintain.

New Build Funding

To secure the longevity of the site and to enable its use to continue as a Scouting Centre and community space we began the process of trying to secure funding for a new building.

Through a successful grant application we were able to engage a local firm of Architects to develop a design that would satisfy the current user base and allow us to expand the space to serve a wider, more diverse number of organisations and users.

Having successfully gained planning permission for the new centre we then tried to secure funding for the building to begin.

Following many months of research into the availability of funding for a new build scouting centre it has become clear that the possibility of securing finances to cover the cost of a new scouting centre are not currently available. This is mainly due to specific funding requirements set out by some of the larger funding bodies and the removal of some funding streams such as National Lottery funding for new community centres. There is the possibility that the criteria for securing funds in the future will change and we can then look at our preferred option of a new build centre.


As a committee, we now feel that it is worth pursing an alternative, refurbishment scheme. We have therefore begun developing this option. This will enable us to phase the works into more affordable, manageable chunks. You can see the plan that we have developed for the refurbishment below.

The image shows the layout for the inside and also our plans for the exterior area. This will involve extending the huts very slightly at both ends. We are now going through the process of drawing up the plans ready to take to go for planning permission.


As ever if you have any queries regarding the development, or if you feel you have any advice or can offer any technical/ financial support of if you have contacts within the building sector that might be interested in sponsoring/ supporting our project then please do get in contact with us.

How you can help

If you have any ideas about how you, your company or any groups you are involved with could help support our fundraising efforts, please get in touch with your leader or email Anne-Marie.

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