Jumping, Cycling, Climbing and Running Challenges

Date: 17th Jul 2017 Author: Scout Websites

Four intrepid individuals have decided to take on their own challenges to raise funds for Stroud Valley Scouting and Community Centre new build.

Ashley Lugg, Cub leader, is doing a tandem parachute jump on 23 July; William Otter, aged 11, is a Scout and he’s cycling with his family from London to Paris at the end of August; Kevin Roet, who is a parent of a Cub is climbing El Capitan in Yosemite Valley in the Autumn; and Anne-Marie Delrosa, Group Treasurer is running the Birmingham marathon in October.

William Otter said:

“I chose my challenge because I love cycling and I’ve already done a 100k cycle with my mum over two days, so I think this would be achievable. I think the most difficult thing will be all the sores because after sitting on a bike for five days I think it could end up being quite painful.”

Ashley Lugg commented on the value of Scouting:

“I believe it is vitally important to give children a safe environment to learn real life skills. Children are spending less time in the great outdoors and spending more time in front of computer or TV screens. I took it for granted as a boy being able to grow up playing in the woods making dens and camping out with friends, in this modern day our children don’t seem to have the freedom to do this.

“Beavers, Cubs and Scouts not only afford them a safe environment but with skilled leaders we offer lots of life skills too from map reading, making fires and cooking to team building and learning to look out for one another. The existing building is now looking very tired and desperately needs renovating. Plans have been drawn up and it looks amazing and will usher in a new fantastic facility for scouting and also the local community.”

Kevin Roet, has not only an ambitious challenge but also a big fundraising target, he said:

“I want to raise money for the Scouts, as I know from personal experience how beneficial it is for kids, from social interactions with peers, to expression of creativity, and outdoor activities. I thought I’d challenge myself. Maybe the greater the challenge the more money that can be raised, but spending two weeks with my own company, and no-on else to turn to when feeling low, will make it especially challenging!”

John Jones, Acting Group Scout Leader added:

“We’re delighted to have so many people willing to help fundraise for us, but we will still need support from the wider community as we start to fundraise in earnest over the next couple of months. If people are interested in getting involved, they can visit our website www.stroudvalleyscouts.org.uk or pledge a donation at one of the fundraising pages”





Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls