New Scouting and Community Hall

Date: 19th Feb 2017 Author: Scout Websites

Gloucestershire architect practice Millar + Howard Workshop designed a new Scouting and Community Centre which has now been granted planning permission.

Tomas Millar, a founder of architect firm Millar + Howard Workshop said:

“We looked at the essence of the Scouting Movement; it’s based on building confidence in children through outdoor activities, team games and volunteering. While that hasn’t changed, the existing Scout hut is no longer suitable; freezing or sweltering according to the weather – it’s miserable for the occupants.”

“We wanted to design a building which responds to the heart of the Scout movement; a building that uses its setting and the outdoor space around it, as well as the interiors to add value to its users. Our design allows for the surrounding garden area to be used in conjunction with the inside facilities. Perfect for energetic Scouts!”

Acting Stroud Valley Scouts group leader John Jones added:

“The new facility will not only inspire new generations of Scouts but will also offer its now diverse assortment of users with a flexible, inviting space to use and enjoy.”

The next phase of the project is to raise money to fund the building stage. As a charity, The Scout Group takes on this aspect.

Tomas Millar commented:

“It’s interesting to consider if a new typology could or should be developed as more and more facilities like this will need to replaced all over the country, all of which will have to be funded through charitable donations.”

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls