Beaver Badges

Date: 4th Apr 2020 Author: Anne-Marie Delrosa
If you are a Beaver or parent/carer of a Beaver, below is information about badges you can do whilst we are at home.  Sammy has also created some videos on YouTube, which you can view below:

There is an app called ‘my badges‘. Please note there may be a charge for this app.
The badges we have been working on are:
safety badge, teamwork challenge badge, my skills challenge, cook badge, and healthy eating.
For the safety badge we have been learning the green cross code
Next they need to learn water safety code, stranger danger, talk about what happens in a fire drill and how to call emergency services.
The badges you can do at home are:
Community impact (see if they help vulnerable people either calling a care home or grandparents or making a video to cheer people up or donating food people that need it.)
Animal Friend
Communicator (Stroud are doing torch signalling from a window at night so this can go towards a badge if Beavers join in)
Creative (some children are drawing rainbows or doing window art so passers by can see them)
Cook (we have done healthy pancakes and safety in the kitchen)
Experiment (the pepper and soap experiment to understand germs would be good)
Explore (make a treasure map and go on an adventure) this can tie into the Navigator badge.
Faith (please don’t visit a place of worship at the moment, photos will be fine)
Global issues
Sports (pictures of a match or competition)
Digital maker (lots of simple coding websites avaliable)
Digital citizen
Please check out for badge requirements. I will need to see evidence of badges they are working on so they can earn the badge.
Any questions please contact Sammy
Look up your local Scout Group, because you’ve got a safe, practical community who will encourage and support you.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls